Chinese New Year Peace Lantern Offering and Yearly Light Offering Registration Form


華嚴經云:「慧燈可以破諸闇」,在《大集經》中也提到:「眾生心行無明愚癡,佛見後,乃教他們同修智慧,令人人點燃智慧之燈」。點燈,從佛陀時代,就已成為一種供養方式。十供養中(香、花、燈、塗、果、茶、食、寶、珠、衣),燈是必備之物。燈,象徵光明、智慧。因眾生內心被無明煩惱所障,所以要在佛前燃燈,祈願藉光明照破內心的黑暗世界。 每年春節期間,本山在大雄寶殿成佛大道前舉行一個月的上燈法會。信眾齊聚在佛前,人手一燈,虔誦佛號,拜願完後,由主法和尚祈福祝禱並做開示。此時千盞明燈,閃閃耀動,人心與佛心,心心相契。據《施燈功德經》等記載,常在佛塔、寺廟中虔誠燃燈供佛.

Lighting lamps has become a method of making offerings since the Buddha’s time. Among the Ten Offerings (incense, flowers, lamps, ointments, fruit, tea, food, treasures, beads, and clothing), lamps are essential as they symbolize radiance and wisdom. Because the minds of sentient beings are hindered by the afflictions of ignorance, one therefore lights lamps before the Buddhas so that any darkness within can be illuminated by both this light and the wisdom-radiance of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, giving birth to a wise solution and the perfection of our own wisdom.

Mailing Method / 郵寄方式

Registration Form / 報名表格:

Check Payable to / 支票擡頭: FGBT
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Fo Guang Buddhist Temple Boston
711 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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CNY Peace Light Offering and Annual Light Offering / 春節平安燈與全年光明燈
Options / 選項

Peace Lantern Offering (per family) / 春節平安燈 (闔家姓名) - $60

Annual Light Offering / 全年度光明富貴燈 (個人) - $80

Others Offering / 其它供养