Amitabha Buddha’s Chanting Ceremony Registration Form

Dear Dharma Friends and Devotees,

 In the Buddhist Scripture “Reciting Buddha’s name yields immeasurable merits; make prostrations        to the Buddha eliminates countless bad karma”. Recitation of Buddha’s name has remarkable merits, enables understanding of the Buddha nature in oneself, eliminates all worries and bad karma, and opens the path to enter the Western Pure Land. When flowers in oneself blossom, realizing their own Buddha nature, while listening to the sound of sutra chanting, thus give rise to the Buddha’s knowledge and vision.

 Fo Guang Buddhist Temple, Boston has scheduled an online Dharma Service in celebrating the Amitabha Buddha’s birthday from Dec 24th to 26th, and the service is to be conducted together at IBPS New York. We will dedicate the blessings and merits from the service to all devotees. May all cultivate merits and wisdom, bless with good health, joy and peace, and may our deceased love ones be entering the western pure land. You and your family are welcomed to join in this event and experience the touch of Dharma.

Cultivate a Heart that Blooms in All Seasons

Yours in the Dharma

Fo Guang Buddhist Temple, Boston

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Fo Guang Buddhist Temple Boston
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Amitabha Dharma Service / 彌陀念佛法會發起人
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彌陀念佛法會發起人 / Amitabha Service Initiator - $80 per person

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