Chinese New Year Peace Lantern Offering and Light Offering Registration Form

Lighting lamps has become a method of making offerings since the Buddha’s time. Among the Ten Offerings (incense, flowers, lamps, ointments, fruit, tea, food, treasures, beads, and clothing), lamps are essential as they symbolize radiance and wisdom. Because the minds of sentient beings are hindered by the afflictions of ignorance, one therefore lights lamps before the Buddhas so that any darkness within can be illuminated by both this light and the wisdom-radiance of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, giving birth to a wise solution and the perfection of our own wisdom.

We cordially invite you to sign up for these two great events and be benefit from the Dharma and endless merits.

May All Beings Live Without Fear and Coexist in Peace

2021 Annual Light Offering Completion Service:

January 23, 2022 (10AM)

2022 Annual Light Offering Inauguration Service:         

February 13, 2022(10AM)

Monthly Light Offering and Eradicate Calamities Dharma Service:

First Sunday of Every Month


Fo Guang Buddhist Temple, Boston

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Registration Form:

Check Payable to: FGBT
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Fo Guang Buddhist Temple Boston
711 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Online Method

CNY Peace Light Offering and Annual Light Offering / 春節平安燈與全年光明燈
Options / 選項

Peace Lantern Offering (per family) / 春節平安燈 (闔家姓名) - $60

Annual Light Offering / 全年度光明燈 (個人) - $80

Others Offering / 其它供養