Medicine Buddha Light Offering Registration Form

Dear Dharma Friends and Devotees,

Fo Guang Buddhist Temple, Boston has scheduled an online Dharma Service in celebration of the Medicine Buddha’s birthday on October 22nd  to 23rd and the service is to be conducted together at IBPS New York.

There will be offering of lamp, reciting the Sutra and the name of the Medicine Buddha, and we dedicate the blessings and merits of the service to you and your family members.  May all be blessed with good health, auspicious, joy and peace!

 May All Beings Live Without Fear and Coexist in Peace


                                                                                                Yours in the Dharma,

                                                                                                       Fo Guang Buddhist Temple, Boston

Mailing Method

Registration Form:

Check Payable to: FGBT
Mailing Address:
Fo Guang Buddhist Temple Boston
711 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Online Method

Medicine Buddha Light Offering / 藥師法會
1. 會主燈 - (闔家名8人 /2人代表闔家入總文疏)
2. 藥師燈 - (4人姓名或1人代表闔家/總文疏)
3. 琉璃燈 - (1人姓名或1人代表闔家)
4. 吉祥燈 - 隨喜功德
5. 供花果 - 隨喜功德
6. 供壽桃 - 隨喜功德

Offering/Donation Options:
1. Sponsor’s Lamp: A household or 8 names on the blessing name card in the blessing proclamation
2. Medicine-master Lamp: A household or 4 names on the blessing name card in the blessing proclamation
3. Crystal Lamp: A household or 1 name on the blessing name card.
4. Auspicious Lamp: Open donation
5. Fruit and Flower Offering: Open donation
6. Longevity Buns: Open donation

Offering Options /點燈選項 *

Sponsor’s Lamp / 會主燈

Medicine-master Lamp / 藥師燈

Crystal Lamp / 琉璃燈

Others Offering / 其它供养